A butterfly bench.  Know a good metalworker?
Making beautiful use of a rotting tree
Garden Greenhouse from reclaimed windows

A beautiful patio
Shared from 11 Eleven

I just adore the lovely color palette of this patio. It is casual, yet serene.  Afraid the extreme heat we have here in Texas just wouldn't accomodate such lush foilage.  But I can dream~~


Shared from 11 Eleven


What a beautiful and interesting way to make something out of your found objects.  I have a whole bag full of sea glass brought to me by a friend that will be excellent material for a project like this.  And I have some soft copper wire too.  hmmmmmm.
An easy and beautiful way to display just a few flowers. Get out your food colors and voila!  


How clever!  I can see these easily made out of coffee cans. Poke some drainage holes in the bottom; cover in fabric or other trim; make holes in the top sides and attach some twine.  Plant herbs or small blooming plants.  Or just add water and fresh cut flowers on the patio.  Neat idea!


More fun with cans!!!!!!   RECYCLE, RE-USE, REPURPOSE!  Save up those vegetable, tuna and soup cans and turn them into interesting patio lanterns using tealight candles.  Choose your color palette and make something beautiful for your garden or patio.  Maybe for a party, get some small shepherd hooks at the dollar store, and hang along pathways, your driveway, all around your patio.  Just a thought. ~~Aunt Betty

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