Monday, July 8, 2013

Hanging Planters

How clever is this?  I can see these holding small flowering plants easily.  Coffee cans would make an excellent start.  Poke some drainage holes in the bottom. Cover with decorative fabric and trim with your trusty hot glue gun.  poke holes in the top sides and attach some twine, and voila!  hanging planters.  Or just cover some cleaned out vegetable cans and decorate and add cut flowers.  Without the twine, would make clever tabletop decorations for an outdoor picnic or pool party.   And for those patio parties, fill with a little sand, and add in your citronella candles for a lovely ambient light with a purpose.

 For these and other decorating ideas, click on the link  INTERESTING PROJECTS AND IDEAS on the right side of our blog.  I am a collector of interesting projects and ideas with an artistic or creative bent.  I especially love turning nothing into something.

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