Saturday, July 6, 2013


Launching my blog site and I'm so excited, and nervous.  I'm really happy to expand exposure to more friends who want to explore our southern Texas culture through food, family, friends, projects and ideas.  I still have my Facebook Group Kitchen #1 and Facebook Page Kitchen #2 of Aunt Betty's Kitchen, but we should have more fun and a wider audience here.

I learned to cook at the hands of my maternal grandmother, my maternal Aunt, and my ex's grandmother.  My mother wasn't much of an experimental cook and we never knew rice was supposed to be fluffy until I was grown!  When I first married at 18 I was pathetic.  Broiled steak, salads, HB Helper (c) and sandwiches.  Country farm boys do not like to eat that 24/7, so I got the bath of fire in a country kitchen cooking for my ex, his brothers, father, uncles, grandfather and farm hands 3 times a day.  To Nanny's dismay, I never really mastered her biscuits, but believe me I can make a mean pan of cream gravy anytime. Plain, country cookin' is what I do best.  Foo-foo cookin' is what I play and experiment with.

The hubby has just retired (officially July 5) and I have him started on that 29 year long 'honey-do" list of projects.  We just celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary yesterday as well. So a whole new chapter is starting. We'll just have to see how it all goes and how many of these grand ideas I've had actually get done.  I hope to keep you entertained with the progress.

Besides gardening, cooking, and canning, I also have fun painting, drawing, working on fused glass, repurposing found objects into art and functional projects.  I will share some of my 'other' fun with you guys periodically.

So, let's have fun, get some cooking and recipe sharin' going on and get to know each other better.

~~Aunt Betty

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