Sunday, July 21, 2013

~~Aunt Betty's Kitchen, July 2013 

This is something I grew up with. There is nothing better than the taste of fresh summer peaches combined with the taste of peanut butter. I swear.  You will want more and more and although some scoff at the sound of it, it will make you want to slap yo momma for not teaching you this easy and delicious way to eat peaches. Good for breakfast, lunch, dinner, as a dessert or a mid-day snack.  NOT for the calorie conscious, though.  

6 medium sized ripe peaches, pealed & sliced up 
1 half-pint heavy whipping cream
4 slices of hot buttered toast
Extra Crunchy Peanut Butter

Prepare your peaches and sugar them down for about 45 minutes to make their own syrup.

Prepare your toast.  Butter it. (I especially like this with 'broiler' toast).  Then quickly spread peanut butter over the slices.

Dip up prepared peaches into a bowl.  Pour on some heavy cream

Dive in.

You can thank me later. <3 

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