Sunday, July 7, 2013


Since I have no children, I do like to share pictures of my family, and my fur babies when I can.

Meet Buddy, our 9 year old male Weimaraner.  He gives new meaning to the term "Velcro Dog" and is always at your side.  As a puppy, he slept in our then bookcase headboard, but of course quickly outgrew that.  He is a bed hog and pillow snagger.  Left to his own devices, you will find him on my side of the bed, snuggled up in my pillows.  He used to love playing catch with just about anything, but old age is catching up to him now, and mostly he just like laying around on momma's bed and doing  whatever I'm doing.  He is curious, loving and still thinks he is a lap dog at 140 pounds.
Buddy aka Mr Curious

Meet our 'little miss priss" -- Pepper --a poodle/schnauzer mix as best we can tell.  This little thing found me on a hot, and dark July night, down the lonely lane approaching our house, I saw something dark in the road as I returned from my brother's house about midnight.  There was no moon.  As I approached, I realized it was what appeared to be a puppy.  <Screech> The brakes went on, the door flew open and I called her.  She came a-running and jumped immediately into my lap and started giving me a million little puppy kisses.  I was surely doomed and facing some wrath by bringing home yet another dog.  I secreted her into the house.  Thankfully Mr. Jim was fast asleep.  Into my bathroom we went and I got my first good look at her.  oh my!  She was matted up something fierce. A brush couldn't go through her fur. She was covered in fleas and lord knew what else. I knew I could not let her around the other dogs, so I got her some food and water (she was so emaciated) and began to love her back to good health.  The very next morning off to the vet we went.  She weighed 10-1/2 pounds, very underweight; had conjunctivitis in both eyes but thankfully was heartworm and free of any other pests other than those fleas.  Next stop: The groomer.  I paid dearly for that visit.  I tried, well.... I made a few perfunctory stops... to try and find her owners.  I realized that if someone had loved her, she wouldn't have been out on the road, in the sweltering heat and in the condition she was in.  That was it. She was mine.  And whoever had her before me didn't deserve her and at that point I had a significant financial investment in the little squirt.  She is now my constant companion. I move, she moves.  She loves riding in the car. She particularly likes to go to the bank coz cookies come back through the window.  It's like I've always had her. I know she is now forever in my heart.
Mitzi - aka the Wonder Dog

Meet Mitzi.  Mitzi is what they call a 'blue' Weimaraner.  But mostly in the face. Her body is that gray-silver like a standard Weim.  I don't care. She is beautiful to me.  She was a rescue.

The odd story about Mitzi coming to live with us stemmed out of the loss of my beloved Garbo who had crossed over on March 6, 2009.  I was heartbroken.  I had promised myself no more new dogs.  But I found myself going to North Texas Weimaraner Rescue and shelter sites, looking only at Weims.  And one day, I saw this picture of this lively looking female at the Irving Animal Shelter. Her surrender date was March 6th.  I kept going back to that page over and over. No other dog seemed to hold my attention like she did.  Something in those eyes.  So I cajoled my sister in law to 'take a ride' with me and off to Irving we went.  They told me owners had surrendered her a few weeks before because they had no idea how much energy a young Weim can have and they had a small baby and were afraid for their child.  And she was on 'the short list' they said.  I was determined.  They brought her out.  Up she jumped and started lathering me in dog kisses.  Again, I am doomed. I started crying.  I took her outside. More kisses. More jumps. More loves.  That was it. She was mine.  I signed all the papers, swore she would live out her life like a queen and off we went back to the country.  Mr. Jim wasn't very happy, but how could he resist.  She gave her new papa lots of kisses and he was hooked too. Weims are difficult to resist.  We love them.

Mitzi loves being outside and she is so smart.  She opens the back door and lets all the other dogs out.  And she loves chasing golf carts, the trash man, any big truck going around the 'circle' around our property. She always seems so bummed out when she reaches the end of the fence.  She loves squirrels and rabbits and other critters.  But sadly they just get to play one time and she and Buddy both bring their prizes to the door to show momma and daddy. <sigh>

We have one last dog, Buster, our Yellow Labrador.  He is Mr. pa-doop-a-doop dog. Nothing bothers him much, except his allergies.  And he has them bad.  For whatever reason, I cannot put my hands on a picture of him right now, but I will reshare.  He too was essentially a rescue.  My first and last Lab.  Too much shedding, too many fur puffs causing me to be too acutely acquainted with the vacuum cleaner. Buster does his own thing, never gets in the way and usually takes off when I have the camera out.  He is a gentle loving dog, but only wants to be loved on when HE wants it, not when you want to give it.

Our babies.  Our children in fur suits.  I wouldn't have it any other way. ~~Betty

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